Friday, January 27, 2006

The Q word ...

Quilting! When I lived in Sunny Florida - I decided that I wanted to learn how to quilt. It was another one of those - not really sure why - but, gee, I do so many other handcrafts surely it is required that I also quilt. I had NO IDEA that quilting would eventually take over my life!

As a matter of fact, quilting and I had a really rocky experience. My first class was taught at the recreation center. I went for several months and worked on each and every block assigned for my sampler quilt. The fabrics were beautiful...full of purples (my favorite color). I diligently struggled to hand piece each little block so that it would be perfect. My teacher would compliment me and tell me I was doing well. Then SHE LEFT TOWN! Her husband was transferred and we no longer had a quilt teacher. And, I knew no one to go to and learn from...

So, I sadly put all my fabrics and patterns into a nice little bag and put everything in the back of my closet.

About seven years ago, we moved to Tennessee. I was elated. Immediately upon arriving, I joined a quilt guild and the rest as they say is history! Each year the guild had a challenge and I participated.

This quilt is called MUSIC ON THE SQUARE. It was for a competition which was done every other year called Mountain Messages II - "Stories and Songs" at the Carroll Reece Museum in Johnson City, Tennessee.

My theme statement read: "Music on the Square is reflective of the dreams we had when we moved to East Tennessee of a simpler life where people gathered on the town squaree in the evenings to enjoy songs and stories. It represents a time of peace and tranquiltiy in our family's life."

The block is called ON THE SQUARE - and there are four of the blocks in it.

I took several classes but my favorite was the one that lasted an entire year. It is a calendar quilt and I am still working on it - but, it is beautiful. I worked on quite a few other projects and as time goes along I will post photos - but for now these are the ones that I have handy.

Some of my projects during the Tennessee years were:

This is called "Postcards from the Edge" and it is paper pieced. Found the pattern somewhere...can't remember where but it was on the Internet.

After putting it together I decided not to quilt it but rather to put it on a stretcher frame and have it look like a wall hanging.

It hangs in Scarlett's office.


I think this is the only picture I have of this and will try and get one tomorrow that shows the quilting that I did. It turned out awesome.

The fabrics are batiks and I must say they are a pain to hand stitch..but all the applique is done by hand. The only machine work on this top is the black rows that divide the seasons.

Top left: Winter
Top right: Spring
Bottom Left: Summer
Bottom Right: Fall

I ended up hand quilting the entire thing - doing an echo quilting on the background; a line across the moon that was 1/2 an inch apart; and diagonal lines on the mountain from the bottom to top at 1/2 an inch apart.

We moved to New Hampshire in October 2004 and this has become my paradise. I belong to three quilt guilds. I am a caregiver to my 89 year old mother. Our home consists of Scarlett, myself, my mom, and a roommate, Tammy, and four dogs and four cats.

So, now we are current!!! Til tomorrow....


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Your little 'postcards' hanging is adorable - love it!

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