Thursday, February 02, 2006

Running around...

I didn't post yesterday. Mainly because the day just got away from me as I created three more postcards for a Valentine's Day Swap. Tammy had noticed them and thought they were nice. So, I decided to make one that she could mail to a friend of her's in Florida whose mother is dying.

Got up this morning and the sun was starting to shine and it looked like it might be a good day...took one look at my hair and decided it was time I got it cut. As long as I was at that, I should get my nails done since they are starting to grow back out.

Went to the beauty school about twenty miles away in Lebanon...they do a good job and it isn't really expensive. The only fault I find is that sometimes it takes the students a little longer - like my manicure today...but, she did such a nice job massaging my hands that I really didn't care.

I then drove up the Dartmouth Bookstore looking for a magazine - but, they didn't have the current issue. I still want to spend a day walking on the Dartmouth campus. It is so big and so pretty.

From there I went across the state line into White River, Vermont to my favorite quilt store. I had received a lovely gift certificate from the owner to celebrate my birthday...which is Monday. (But, that's another story). I found some really beautiful fabric and enjoyed spending my time there. They are just so nice at the shop...and they have become my friends.

So, all in all I had a nice day.


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