Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer Spa - Part 1...

Summer Spa at Sherry's was just about the most relaxing thing I could have been a part of. The trip down to her lakehouse was about 2-1/2 hours long...but, of course, I stopped along the way - in Putney, Vermont (more about that tomorrow!!!)

The relaxing started once you hit the driveway - which was shaded, wooded, cool, and about a mile long...I could just feel the tension start to slip away.

This is the path from the house to the dock...Once four of us arrived - we headed out in a canoe to pick up another canoe partway across the lake! I have never been in a canoe...and it was awesome. I was like a little kid...Riding across was so fun...but, then on the way back I got to help paddle one of the canoes. It was so fun! And, so peaceful. No sounds other than the sound of the paddle dripping water and the small amount of conversation.

This is the lake - we just sat and looked out on it from a covered outdoor area where we sat and knit or spun all day. The knitting was fun and varied - everyone working on a different project. I actually finished two projects...and was about an inch away from doing the toe decreases on a sock when it was time to leave.

There were eight of us - and we had such a nice time. The food was just excellent! Everyone brought what they liked...and it all turned out so cool...because all the food just went together perfectly! From hamburgers, franks, sausage, two different kinds of quiche, lunch meat, fresh fruit, salad fixings, cheeses, chips, dips, and, of course, chocolate! There was more than enough to eat and I know I ate well!
Is this not the cutest spinning is electric...and perfect for getting into a relaxed zone ... Sherry worked on roving in between knitting.

Slinky is the RV cat - and Sherry's faithful companion on the road! He is a lilac point ragdoll cat. Having never seen one before - I was amazed at how beautiful he is...and sweet...a total people cat!

Summer Spa - Part 1...

Tomorrow I'll share what I bought on our trip to the yarn shop!!!!

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At 11:28 AM, Anonymous Dave Daniels said...

That sounds like a wonderful retreat. Treat being the key word there. And I'm sure you'll use that canoe experience in your next novel, too.


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