Friday, February 10, 2006

Fabric & Housekeeping...

Fabric always makes me happy! And, yesterday, I was a happy camper! I belong to an online group that decided to trade birthday presents this year. We signed up for what we wanted to receive - it could be fat quarter, a 12-1/2 inch block in your choice of colors, or 8 6-inch charms in your choice of color. I chose fat quarters - black with white or white with black.

It was such fun opening up wrapped packages of wonderful fat quarters. I received a total of 18 fat, it was nice... and not one of them was the same.

Today, my plans are to wash all the fat quarters along with the fabric I bought on my birthday. Then, I will iron it and put it away until it is time to use it...Scarlett calls this my therapy. And, she is right - it calms my soul.

The house is coming along rather well - The bedroom that was turned into a closet is almost presentable. So, today, I intend to work on getting a few of the boxes that are left up there unpacked and all the clothes in their proper spot. At least we can now get to the treadmill that sits in front of the, we get to workout and do cardio on the treadmill. It has only been under a mountain of stuff since we moved here November 1, 2004. (I always count our move date by the day I arrived - Scarlett was actually here on October 14th...)

Once the closet is finished - the only other room that has to be finished is the office - translated the other upstairs bedroom - which holds my desk and computer... all of our crafting supplies...bookcases with tons of books...and my CDs. Then the house will be DONE! But, it is a lot of work and hard for me to do alone - which happens when Scarlett works all day and then goes to class at night...but there are only two more classes and then college is finished for a while.


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