Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Dave was talking about organization - so, here was the comment I posted. Since I had been wanting to talk about how I keep all my stuff together - it was just easier to post my answer here.

Organization - is that a word??? Actually, I am very organized…

I have a bookcase that is devoted to quilting, knitting, and cross stitch books, patterns, etc. I keep loose patterns that I download or buy indivually in a loose leaf notebook.

I am planning on making a knitting journal complete with: photo of finished project, info as to needles used, stitch count, and one wrapper from the yarn. Until I get time to get the journal rolling, my blog is serving that purpose ... not just for my knitting but also my quilting as I am way behind on all that journal stuff too.

I have a quilting journal that has photos and if I’ve entered them into shows; if they won and what was won.I have a sheet I made up that I will be glad to share with anyone who wants it if you send me an e-mail.

I store yarn in four totes in craft room/office area - these four totes are full of yarn…can’t squeeze another skein in there.

Currently bought or yarn I am planning on using soon is kept in a lovely red tub by my chair in the living room. That is also where I store my needles in an ugly needleholder which is going to be replaced as soon as I have time to quilt one.

I also have a tin which holds holders, counters, etc.


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