Wednesday, February 15, 2006


My knitting and quilting friend, Dave, was talking about yarn buying on his blog...and that really got me thinking.

I am a color person. I buy by color. I don't think (at least not in the last few years) I have bought a yarn for a specific idea or pattern in a long time. Well, other than the sock knitting class I took - had to buy yarn and needles for that class.

When I walk into a yarn shop I usually stand by the entrance and search the room until something catches my eye - and it is usually a color...then I determine what I can use that yarn for. Lately, every yarn I buy has either been for socks or scarves - so, I am only buying one or two skeins of a particular yarn.

I am the same way about fabric for quilting. I end up buying a piece of fabric because I love the color or the way the colors blend or look together.

But, it is color, color, and more color for me...


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