Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Discovered lace yarn - better yet - discovered that I own some! It happened while at the Elegant Ewe when I decided I wanted to buy a pattern for lace knitting - the woman at the shop suggested a pattern called Feather and Fan Lace Scarf...which I bought (the pattern looks familiar and I'll bet I have one that is similar somewhere in my books - but, I wasn't going to go searching). I then asked about yarn and she showed me this lace yarn...and lo and behold, I own some of that. Quite a bit actually!

My friend, Mike, left it to me when he passed away several years ago...(whew - that was harder to write than I thought it would be...) He left me some wonderful yarns and two is a floor model which I have no idea how to set up or use and the other is a triangle loom. He knew I would be the one that would appreciate it and maybe even learn how to use them.

Now I am on a mission to find someone to teach me how to use them...especially after all the things I saw at both shops on Monday.


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