Saturday, September 01, 2007

September Musings...

Seems that the first of a new month brings tid-bits that don't quite make it into other posts...and a time to look back and plan ahead.

1. Ran up to the giant office supply store in my area - only one - to buy ink cartridges for my printer. Now I've had this printer for a while - got it when I lived in Tennessee so we are talking at least seven years. It is an HP DeskJet 693C (maybe those numbers should have told me something)...inquired as to the price of ink and was told close to $78. Gotta tell you - damn near fainted! This is an ink jet for heaven's sake!

For two more dollars I could have bought four Lexmark printers that they had on sale at Wally World and thrown them out when the ink ran out.

But for $20. more dollars I got a brand new printer - it is an all-in-one...HP C-4280! And, it came with ink! (Remember what I said about the numbers - the lower the printer number the higher the price for the Ink). Besides I had been wanting a now I have one.

2. I can't drink Orange Juice any more...and I used to LOVE orange juice! Now it whacks out my stomach...must be the acid in it. They say your tastes change every few years - wonder if this is the year I'll like brussel sprouts??? (Nah...I doubt it)

3. There will be no margarine in my refrigerator again. That Dr. that is on Oprah every now and then said that our forefathers ate butter all the time...and our bodies are made to handle butter, I'm switching. I've always used butter on my potatoes, pop corn, and on veggies that I would choose to put it on...but for cooking I used margarine...Not anymore! It's the real deal or nothing!!! I do like olive oil too...(no, not Popeye's girlfriend - the real stuff)!

4. One of the things I had wanted to read this summer was some poetry - but, my huge poetry book (The Best Loved Poems of the American People - published in 1936) was not unpacked. It is each day I will be reading a poem...I'll let you know which one in case you want to read it too.

Well, that's it for tomorrow as I am uploading them from my camera today! Have a great first day of September.

Today's poem: Sonnet From The Portuguese by Elizabeth Barett Browning

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At 2:08 PM, Blogger David said...

waiting for your new photos

At 2:41 PM, Blogger -E said...

I've wandered here from Michele's and isn't it nutty how expensive ink is? I mean, it isn't that complex ugg.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

At 5:29 PM, Blogger Carmi said...

The profits are in the ink cartridges. Compared to laser, ink is by far more expensive on a page-per-page basis. My advice is to bypass inkjets entirely and look at lasers. They've come down so much in price that they're now only marginally more expensive than inkjets. Their cost per page is an order of magnitude lower, and their quality is superb.

Guess what I'm buying...

Oh, hi from Michele's...great to e-see you again, Sara!

At 7:57 PM, Blogger BreadBox said...

On 1: It really is crazy when it is almost cheaper to buy a printer than ink.
Mind you, Gillette invented that concept: give away the razors, sell the blades...
On 3: I much prefer butter for everything over margarine (though growing up I would like margarine on toast, and perhaps would again if we could get the same brand here I ate in the UK). For oils for cooking, I try to use olive oil when I can, and peanut oil for high heat applications (the olive oil just won't get as hot as well).

I'll leave any other comments for my next visit!

Michele sent me,

At 8:03 PM, Blogger Used*to*be*me said...

I quit using my printer for photos and whatnot because after the cost of ink and paper, it was cheaper to just go to or even download the pics to Walgreens. The cost is simply outrageous! Michele sent me today. Have a good weekend.

At 4:48 AM, Blogger catsmum said...

I read one of the 'Sonnets from the Portugese' at my mother's funeral. The one that starts" Go from Me. Yet I feel that I shall stand henceforward in thy shadow..."
Which of them were you reading ?


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