Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lazy Saturday...

Came home about an hour ago from a wonderful morning out at my quilt guild's Saturday Sewing Day! I had so missed those days and not being able to, it was Grand!

Worked on Tara's (my daughter) quilt - actually began the hand quilting...I worked on it for an hour...and I didn't get a lot done...think I am planning on keeping track to see how long it takes me to hand quilt it.

The rest of today will be "therapy day" as Scarlett used to call it...that is the day that I take all my recent fabric purchases and wash and iron them...I love having my fabric washed and ironed - that way when I want to begin a new project - I just grab fabric and go for it!

Might do a little reading - and then this evening think I'll knit a bit on a pair of socks I am making for a friend...or might continue to hand quilt on the quilt.

Just might be able to rent Across the Universe. Really want to see that - especially after seeing a couple of reviews on it...and a You Tube rendition of "Oh, Darling"...

Have a good Saturday...



At 5:45 PM, Blogger Julie said...

Sounds like a perfect Saturday! All I've done all day is run around; I'm looking forward to sitting back and reading a few blogs and then knitting a bit.


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