Thursday, August 28, 2008

Good Day...

I've not been happy with the way I fixed parts of my apartment since I moved in - hence no photos - except for the kitchen way back when.

Then with the happenings of these past few weeks and realizing that Mom will be living at the Clough Center - I was having a really hard time seeing her room the way it was when she lived here.

So, today my down stairs neighbor and I got together to rearrange things.

We started out rearranging the furniture in Mom's room and I am really pleased. There is still the same "homey" feeling - and were she ever able to return is actually nicer and prettier.

The other problem facing me was that there was no spot where creativity could flow. Whenever I wanted to quilt - I would have to set up my cutting/ironing table somewhere else - (usually the kitchen) and then I was back and forth. Plus I had no wall space to hang blocks and see things develop...that is now fixed...

By moving two cabinets that were stuck in a corner of my living room into an area in Mom's room - I was able to set up my table permanently and have access to the wall behind it.

Photos will follow - probably tomorrow I'll have living room photos...(as soon as I straighten out the desk - it's very messy!!!) and within the next week there will be photos of the rest of the apartment.

It's all finally beginning to feel like "me" and like "home"...and that's a nice place to be!!!



At 4:46 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

sometimes a little shuffling things around can make all the difference!

At 7:01 PM, Blogger Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Good to get things in order isn't it? I'm doing a little of it each weekend myself. I really have to do something with that basement tho. Could be a really nice area to work in if I just put up a new celling, put down a new floor and paint the walls or even put up new ones. That's all right? But first I better pick up & throw out the JUNK!

I had a great weekend with my friend, Sammie from Georgia. Tired but happy. Bill is doing well also. Even with a few ups & downs, at least his ups are lasting longer now.


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