Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Corner of the World...

Well, you can tell it is an election year everywhere you turn. With twenty-two more days before we cast our vote things are cranking around the small towns of New Hampshire.

The Democrats have their headquarters on Pleasant Street -
And, the Republicans are at the beginning of the roundabout.

Both picked prime locations! An area where most motorists pass on an average of twice a day!

But, I have to admit - I will be glad when the election is over and all those signs have disappeared!!!



At 5:15 PM, Blogger Susan said...

In my town I am noticing that as soon as someone puts up a sign in their yard, their neighbor puts up one for the person running against the first candidate.

At 10:23 PM, Blogger Sandra said...

Ugh, I'll be so glad when the tv ads are done, that's for sure!


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