Thursday, March 16, 2006

Quilt Guild Day...

Today was the monthly meeting of one of the three quilting guilds I belong to. I do enjoy this particular guild...the women are nice and extremely talented. I also happen to be the program chairman for this guild...and today's program was our annual silent auction. This is where you bring in quilting stuff that you no longer want in hopes that someone else will take it off your hands and actually pay money to do so. The money we raise from this event goes to our guild and to a state guild.

I lucked out - actually did better than lucked out. I sort of went along and looked at the bags that had no bids in them...and if it looked like something I might want I bid on it. One package had two patterns in it that I wanted and a few quilting books that I didn't particularly want but I won the bid - and just took what I wanted out of it. The rest of the books someone else wanted so it worked out okay. Also got several small packages of fabric - some had serveral pieces that I wanted and then a few that I didn't want - so, I passed those on to the Charity Quilt chairperson.

But, the best was the ziplock bag full of bindings - already cut...and ready to sew on. YEA...and since I am making a wonderful scrappy quilt - these bindings are perfect.

So, all in all, it was a good day...


At 6:33 PM, Anonymous Dave Daniels said...

That's great you are able to be in a so many guilds. I tried for years to get into some of the local guilds here, but they shy away from me being a guy. (Heh, one of many reasons I finally dropped out of the quilting community.) I love the idea of passing along unused things to raise money for charity. Your bit about the precut binding sounds like me, I always make too much in advance, with lots left over.


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