Friday, August 10, 2007

Saturday...Portsmouth, NH

Actually arrived in Portsmouth on Friday night in time for a late dinner and sleep. The morning would bring time with my friends, Cheryl and Julie.

This is a view of Portsmouth looking over toward the Portsmouth Navel Base that was all the talk when I first moved here. The government wanted to close it down...but they didn't get to. See the buildings on the right - I (along with others I know) thought it was a really nice hotel - Cheryl explained to me that is not the case - it is the sewerage plant. At least it creates a pretty skyline!

This is Cheryl...She and I go back to when I started my blog last year. I had some special fleece that she was kind and sweet enough to spin up for me! She is just a special person! Knits beautifully - and her spinning is gorgeous. She makes the most beautiful shawls I have ever seen - and she is one of those people that has the pizzazz to carry them off when she wears them.
Here is Julie in Prescott Park where we spent a great time photographing each other - the plants, the water, the water features. It was great fun. Julie is an awesome knitter...and a kind and sweet person. Her daughter is expecting a girl who is going to be named Clover. (Isn't that an adorable name???) Both she and Cheryl are wonderful friends to have.

Here we are - the three of us in front of this beautiful fountain.

This is what the fountain looks like - I am so proud of myself cause the photo turned out so good. I've never taken a photo of water falling and have it come out so good! (Sorry, I just needed to pat myself on the back for a moment!)

We had a wonderful time shopping the knit shops. We went to two - The Yarn Basket and Yarn for Ewe in Rye and I bought sock yarn at both of them. Portsmouth Fabric Company blew me away...I never made it out of the batik section to look at other fabrics - but on the way out saw a Kaffe Fassett piece that I just had to have. (BTW, he has sock yarn coming out!)

Lunch was wonderful! And, we had a chance to catch up on news and learn more about each other. Julie is just learning to spin so it was great that she and Cheryl were able to meet. They live close enough that they can get together.

My trip was wonderful! Got to meet up with some really awesome people that I call friends...and even though distance separates us - our friendships will continue to grow...that is what is so awesome about all of it.

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At 3:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It really was such a wonderful day! I was so happy to finally meet you in "real" life.

At 8:44 PM, Blogger Miz UV said...

Hello from Michele's! Nice to meet you, Sara, and great photos. Love the water one. Sounds like a fun trip. :)


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