Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year...New Goals...2008

2008! Doesn't seem possible...but, it is! And, I am excited about the possibilities.

The list maker in me has put together "the list" of things that I would like to accomplish this coming year...so, here goes:

1.) The major thing I would like to finish is the hand quilting on Tara's quilt. These are two photos of it...spread out on a king size bed. It is a beautiful quilt that I made a few years ago and haven't even begun to quilt it. It is sandwiched and if you enlarge the photos you might see the red basting thread.
2) UFOs/WIPs - planning on picking one day a week and grabbing something and working on it until it is finished. Some things might take several weeks or more - but, at least some of the UFOs will get done!

3) Plans are to continue with "A Commitment to Loveliness" mainly because I am worth it...and secondly...I get so involved doing things for others that I sometimes forget to do small things for myself.

4) Knitting from the Heart is what I plan to call my charity knitting (substitute quilting - when I do some charity quilting). The word "charity" just grates on me...so, I like my name for it. This will include - the hats and gloves for the Headstart kids, Knit Unto Others, and Love Reaches Out...and any other group project that I might wish to knit or quilt for.

5) Reading: Yes! That is always there...and plan on participating in the following challenge as a reading challenge. I posted the five books I am going to be reading here. Goal is to read more books than I did last year (32). The poem a day thing will continue.

6) This year is going to be one of learning. Would love to take the following classes (if I can find them)

a) A French class - my father's father came from Paris...My mother's from Puerto Rico (originally Sevilla, Spain). I know my mother's language - but not my father's. Time to learn.

b) A cooking/baking class. King Arthur's Flour Company is less than an hour away...and they offer awesome classes! Time to take one.

c) A Yoga class - no, not one of those where you learn how to twist yourself into a pretzel - but one that is more geared toward relaxation and breathing.

d) Exercise - Feeling the need to incorporate a little walking or hiking into my life...this would be a good time.

e) A photography class - somewhere locally there has to be a digital photography class available. And, I'll be there!!

7) Day Trippin' - this year the area around me deserves to be seen. Sat and figured out that if I leave as soon as I put Mother on the bus for Day-Out; travel up to an hour and a half in any direction; explore for four an a half hours; and drive home, I'll be back in time to get her off the bus.

8) Attend my quilt guild, knitting group, and quilting group as often as possible.

9) Try and buy from independent or local vendors as often as possible as opposed to the huge big box stores. It will be my way of encouraging the production of goods from artisans, farmers, and small business owners both in my local area, towns I visit, and internet. This does not mean that I am going to boycott any stores - it just means that I am going to look at other sources for the things I need and use. Besides, I don't think I could give up my quarterly Target run!

So, there you go...think it all got covered...

So what are you planning for the new year??

Today's Poem: Love by Roy Croft



At 1:57 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

Sounds like you are up for a fun year! I make my goals on my birthday but I have a few self-improvement things that are fun for me up my sleeve. The day trips sound fun!

Happy new Year!

And how is it 2008? My oh my...

At 10:21 PM, Blogger Deb R said...

Wow, great list, Sara!

I hope you have a wonderful new year!

At 10:14 AM, Anonymous colleen said...

I want to collage my small poems for framing, learn desktop publishing, have leisurely visits with friends more often, and be helpful to those who need help.


At 7:56 PM, Blogger Janet said...

Wow! That's some list! I'm tired just reading it!! :-) Just kidding. I wish you all the best in 2008 (and I haven't forgotten my promise of a drawing!! I have it on my list of things to accomplish early this month!)


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