Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Corner of the World...

According to their website, Claremont, New Hampshire was settled in 1762 and in 1990 the population was 13,905. I think it is a bit more than that now...but, have no idea how much more.

The above is what the Opera House Square looks like -Violet's bookstore, Green Acres Market, Wheelock Travel, and China Delight Restaurant. These are the fronts of the building that I showed last Sunday.
To the left of the bookstore is another restaurant (which can barely be seen on the right) - the we have the Moody Building - where the Chamber is located as well as different businesses. The Moody Building used to be the Moody Hotel and it is a beautiful old building.
The top of the hotel... And, the beautiful staircase inside the Moody Building.
Taken from the fountain in the center of the round-about looking over at the Moody Building.


At 3:40 PM, Blogger Beverly said...

Hi, Sara,
I noticed your comment over at Carmi's. Where did you live in Florida? I live in Bradenton.

I see that you are into fabrics. You might enjoy a blog that I have linked to on my sidebar. It's the very first one, A Mark on my Wall. Vicki is a knitter and now has gotten into felting. She has a very interesting blog.


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