Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Labor Day Week-end...

Hope your Labor Day week-end was exciting...and that you got to do something fun. It is hard to believe that Labor Day seems to trigger the end of summer...but, already the breeze is a little nicer and it is chillier at night. The days aren't quite as long as they were - and fall seems to be trying to peek around the corner at us.

I took two days of the week-end to chill after spending some time with Mom on Saturday! Had a funky little sinus headache on Sunday morning - so, I chose to sleep in...and then the rest of the day was spent knitting, cooking a good meal, and relaxing.

Today, I worked on a quilting project...and now am going to do a bit more on it...and then head to bed to read.

See you tomorrow...



At 6:49 PM, Blogger gemma said...

Glad you took care of yourself. That's something we never seem to do as well as we care for everyone else.


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