Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Corner of The World...

My corner of the world includes belonging to The Congress of Claremont Senior Citizens. I just joined in January. It is a nice group of folks and each month on the first Friday around 1:00 we meet.

The first time I went to the meeting the program was presented by one of the local bird groups who showed photos of the different birds that winter here in New Hampshire. It was actually rather interesting...learned what to feed them and how to recognize them. I'm not really a bird person - other than I truly enjoy hearing them sing - but people here in New England seems to be able to identify all these birds by sight and sound.

February's meeting was a fun time - we were treated to a concert of really good country music by this group named Ted Sterns and the String-Alongs. Ted is the third guy in the photo. There was even of the fellows who attends the meetings loves to dance and he kept asking all the ladies to dance. (Actually his wife was encouraging him to ask everyone!)

It was kind of funny cause the boys in band brought their wives...who sat in one corner of the room together.

I had to laugh to myself cause it reminded me of when I was in my 20s and working in night clubs - and the wives of the boys in the band would show up to protect their interests...

The meeting always ends with a four drawings for $25.00 each - I haven't won that - but, I am enjoying getting out and having a little culture or just fun with this group.



At 3:27 PM, Blogger Terri S said...

I know you haven't lived in NH long, and I really admire how you've jumped right in and become active in your new community!

At 4:53 PM, Anonymous colleen said...

Some things never change.

So glad you read my books and that they were meaningful to you. Thanks for letting me know. Now you know EVERYTHING about me!

At 5:49 PM, Blogger Pat said...

Gee...I posted earlier and just found out it never showed up. I was saying how nice it was that you have a great senior group there. Gary is in a band and I rarely go to their band jobs as it's boring...I just sit there and can't dance since he's playing in the band. (Of course, he doesn't like to dance, so even if he wasn't in the band, I'd still be sitting there. LOL) Hope this comment shows up this time.


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