Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Knitting...Quilting...New Folks...

What a fun day! My knitting group met this morning...and I actually got there by 9:35ish. Most Tuesdays I run late...mainly because the bus is later picking mom up and I have to clean up the kitchen, take a shower, and all that jazz!

But lately, I have made myself a commitment to loveliness in my home...therefore my kitchen is clean as a pin each night before I go to bed (yes...there were days that I didn't do my supper dishes and waited til morning! - don't tell!). Now, there is usually just a coffee cup to wash.

Anyway, we had a new member at our knitting group! Her name is Betty - and she actually has a blog! (Some of the folks I hang with have no conception of what a blog is!) Plus a farm where she raises Sheep! They are a different type of sheep than I've ever seen - something called Purebred jacob and shetland sheep.

But, the most fun part is not only does she knit - she quilts! And, she is organizing a day quilt group on Thursdays! I am so happy about that! Lately, I have missed attending quilting group on Monday nights because my sitter for mother has become a little unreliable...but, I understand - because she makes more money at her regular job...

See, where there is a will - a way will usually show up!!!

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At 9:34 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

A commitment to lovliness, that's a great thing! I may steal it because we have gotten out of hand around here and lessons to the kids are slipping.

Don't you love it when someone stumbles into your life who you have so much in common with?


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