Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Snow...and a Quiz...

We woke up to snow! There was just a dusting on the road and walkway...but, now at nearly 12:30 in the afternoon, there is enough that when I walk in it - the snow is to the top of my shoe.

A year ago, I would have waited until it stopped snowing and the streets were plowed before venturing out. Today, I went to walk the dogs with neither of those things having happened. I guess I am growing more.

A few weeks ago, Pat over at Gatherings tagged me to do the 7 Things About Me. So, instead of just doing general stuff about me...I thought I'd talk about one of my favorite things...no, not knitting, quilting, or reading...FOOD...

So here we go...7 Food Things About Me.

1. The only ice cream in the world is Butter Pecan! Every now and then, I will eat Vanilla Bean or Friendly's Forbidden Chocolate which is the only Chocolate I'll eat...but for the most part it is Butter Pecan. So far my favorite brand is Edy's...and the real thing - none of this reduced fat, sugar or whatever!

2. My favorite meat is "the other white meat" - Pork. The favorite being Ham...then pork loin, chops, or roast, and then sausage. There is just nothing better than a beautiful ham coming out of the oven.

3. Growing up we raised chickens - therefore - we ate a lot of chicken. My mom could eat chicken every day! Not me! We do eat chicken quite a bit - but still not to the extent that we did when I was growing up.

4. Seafood is right up there with Pork! Favorite Shellfish: Soft Shell Crab, Oysters, and Escargot! Favorite Fish: Salmon and Rainbow Trout. We try to eat some type of seafood at least once a week. About the only seafood I don't care for is scallops and have not yet learned to like tilapia.

5. I don't do spicy!!! Mild spices are okay - but really heavy duty spicy...NO. Therefore most Mexican food is out...as some other ethnic foods.

6. Having lived in Puerto Rico as a child, I love the foods of the Caribbean...and cook them quite frequently in my home. Puerto Rican and Cuban foods rank high on my list...

7. Since I discovered the Food Channel and a few food blogs that I frequently read - my culinary tastes are expanding...and am more willing to try new foods - and recipes. Some have been keepers...others have sent me to grab the phone and call Dominos...

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At 7:34 PM, Blogger BreadBox said...

Oooohhh.... snow... I'm jealous!
We do have temperatures getting to freezing some nights, but no sign of snow yet....

Michele sent me tonight,


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