Friday, June 30, 2006

What I've knit recently...

My creation
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Hopefully there is more than one way to get around things...

I have been having tons of fun over at the Monthly Dishcloth Knit Along! I knit both the star dishcloth and the fish dishcloth this month. They are quick knits - and the mid-month KAL usually features a technique or different pattern stitches...the star...

The lovely little green scarf used Fun Fur. The pattern called for it be knit using a seed stitch - but, I have to tell you - I thought that would be a waste of time as the fur doesn't really allow you to see all the, I just knit every row. It also has an opening into which you can slide the opposite end of the scarf and it stays snug around your neck. I was actually surprised at how warm it was.

Helen's shawl...Scarlett's mother lives in North Carolina and it does get cold, I knit her this wonderfully soft shawl. Since her eyesight isn’t too good and she needs things that are easy to care for I made it from Homespun that she can throw it in the washer and dryer and not have to worry with it. The pattern was so simple Just knit three, purl three...then purl where you knit and knit where you purled on the next row. I cast on 66 stitches on a US 8.

All in all...not a bad month....


I am having a ton of problems uploading, I am going to just post a photo here and see it it works...

This is a block that I recently sent around for the Build A Block Round Robin. I started it with the center square - 4-1/2 inches...

Then someone added the next 1-1/2 inch border; then the 3-1/2" border and finally another 1-1/2 inch border. I thought it turned out pretty cool.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Summer Reading - Book 3

While I mentioned that I was going to read a quick romantic fiction book - somehow that idea got sidetracked when I saw a program that spoke of Grace Metalious - the author of Peyton Place. I had no idea that she lived in New Hampshire...of course, I was all of 12 or 13 when I read the, I thought this might be an interesting read. Also, I feel that she will once again be back in the limelight as Sandra Bullock recently signed on to play her in a new movie. Looks like Grace's area of New Hampshire is going to get "hit" on again!!!

Title: Inside Peyton Place: The Life of Grace Metalious
Author: Emily Toth
Pages: 374

Review: I was a tad bit disappointed with this book on various levels...the biggest being that usually with biographies there are photos...there isn't one damn photo in the entire book...and just the jacket has a small photo of Grace Metalious. (The author's photo on the back is larger than the one of Grace)

I found the book to be repetative in many areas...including much about the original book Peyton Place. I think the author spent too much time digesting the novel and susequent novels that were written by Grace than talking about Grace. Although there is much there about her life I felt it was over-shadowed with the other. There was also a lot of showing the similarities of Grace's life and those of her characters - especially in her books which were published after Peyton Place.

But, all in all, the book did give a good picture of the life of an author who was a tad bit ahead of her time and an area of New Hampshire that was entirely too ridged to accept her.


Zac, our baby, seems to having seizures. They are not happening all the time ... the one Tuesday was the second one in three months.

Our vet said that since they are not happening very often that she would like us to monitor him and the seizures when they do happen and does not feel that medicine is the right thing right now.

She said that if he does have another one - just to stay calm and hold him and talk to him so that as he comes out of it he knows he is safe. She is going to be checking him out when he goes in for his shots in two weeks.

Rupert and Venus are well on the road to recovery...and eating and drinking well and actually keeping it down. They will be done with their meds today.

Thank you to everyone for caring about the welfare of our "babies"....I so appreciated the comments and e-mails. Ya'll are great!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


My creation
Originally uploaded by NHSara.

Project Spectrum ... June BLUE
Top Row: Quilting Block, Dishcloth I knit - Star design, Quilting row

Middle Row: Block I created for the play "The Quilters" in Jonesborough, TN. Dishcloth - fish, part of my "blue" quilting stash

Bottom Row: More "blue" quilting stash, CabinCove Yarn, hat I was knitting

The day from Hell...

As you all know we have several four-footed children...and when they get sick it is the same as having a sick human child only they can't tell us what is wrong...and it seems that yesterday was the day for three to scare their moms...

Rupert and Venus decided that they were not going to eat on Monday night...and then they both got sick to their stomach. It was a mess and by Tuesday morning when I tried to feed Rupert and give him water - he was having no part of it and was still sick to his off to the vet with him. Tammy (our roommate) ended up taking Venus for the same thing.

Then last night I was sitting in the library - it is two steps down from the living room. Suddenly Zac (the Jack/Dalmation) started floundering - I don't know any other way to describe it...he could not stay up on his legs - they were going in every direction. At first I thought he had fallen off the stairs that are between the kitchen and living room and go to the second floor and broken a leg. But, no!

I grabbed him up in my arms and he was totally stiff...and I could not get his attention. I screamed at him and he didn't respond - I set him in a chair - and grabbed his little face and blew and bit at his snout. He started coming around - then he was fine except that it took about 30 minutes for him to catch his breath and his heart rate to slow down.

He has had this happen before when he fell off a chair and hit his chest and had the wind knocked out of least that is what the vet thought...but now I don't am waiting word from her as to what we are going to do...

I was alone...and it scared the heck out of me...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Happy 30th Birthday, Tara...

Thirty years ago today I gave birth to a wonderful, beautiful little girl. She came into the world at 5 pounds and 19-1/2 inches long...with red hair...and she was named Tara Danielle.

Today, she is 30!

Our first Santa picture at 6 months...We did Santa pictures for as long as I can remember. They are all saved in an album...I think maybe the last one was when she was seven or eight.

At four the flower girl for her Aunt Mary's wedding...I made the dress for was a beautiful ivory eyelet fabric and had pink ribbon through it. It was such a pretty dress. Still have it in the bottom of the cedar chest. If I remember right it was our first trip (other than for trims) to get our hair done at the beauty salon.

This photo was taken about nine or ten years ago - it was the day she and Aaron moved to Phoenix. There was a party for them at Aaron's mom's house...and the four of us took this picture. Even though I have more current photos of Tara - this is one of my favorites.

Left to right: Tara, Mother, me, and my sister, Mary Ellen

Happy Birthday, Tara!!!! We love you!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Saturday with Dave...

What a wonderful fun day! Meeting up with Dave was like running into an old friend that you just haven't seen in a while...where conversation just flows so was like we had known each other forever.

We met at the subway station and headed off to breakfast at a beautiful place called Charlie's - the food was scrumptous and the decor was beautiful...

From left to right: Scarlett, Dave and I after finishing that wonderful breakfast.

We hit Newbury Street immediately after breakfast...and found the French cow. These lovely decorated cows are all over Newbury Street - but, I was fascinated with this one as she has earrings that look like the Eiffel Tower. (That would be Dave holding the umbrella)

Newbury Yarns and Lush just called our names...Scarlett spent a bit of time at Lush and bought some wonderful facial stuff. Lush smells so wonderful...full of those fruity earthy smells from their wonderful handmade soaps, shampoos, and facial things.

Dave and I headed next door to the yarn store...oh, it took my breath is arranged by color and it was sooo fun...I bought the most beautiful purple yarn that is wool, silk and cashmere....I hear a scarf calling my name! Dave got some pretties, too.

We walked through the Gardens and Common over to Chinatown and Windsor Button - another great place. Again, some yarn that Dave and I agreed looked like Irises called my name. I also bought some old fashioned crochet thread.

We walked a lot - and we got to see a lot of Boston - different areas than we had ever been before. It was fun...and interesting...and we chatted and laughed like we had known each other all our was a great day...

On the way home, Scarlett looked at me and said - "We have friends in Boston!" and we do...some really wonderful friends!

(Now I gotta go see what Dave said!!!)

Friday at Fenway...

Fenway Park! Boston Red Sox! Who would have thunk it! Scarlett and I were just thrilled to be able to go to the ballgame. This was my first major league ball game and the first one that we have attended together.

At first, I thought the game would be called because of the horrible rain storm. On our way in to Boston, the weather turned and I-93 was backed up horribly. We pulled off at exit 26 - and wound our way through town and water, playing dodge 'em cars in areas where the electricty was out...and finally got back on I-93 at exit 15...and made it to our hotel in Braintree (exit 6). We watched the tv waiting to see if they were going to "play ball"! And, they announced that they were having a delay but they would play.

The excitement started at the subway station...people dressed in Red Sox shirts and hats. The subway was packed - talk about close encounters...but you could just feel the excitement.

Then Fenway! I think I walked around with my mouth hanging was unbelievable...the concession stands, gear stands, the people! Tons of people...

But the best was our seats! We were sitting right between home plate and first base - but closer to the pitcher's mound. We had great seats! Below is our view from our seats! Is that not awesome!!!

The game was fun. And, exciting! The excitement was all-consuming! The crowd was wild - and so behind their team. I thought I would be bored...I wasn't! I did knit - but, I can knit and still watch the game...! But, for the most part I just enjoyed being in the moment at a Boston Red Sox game and being in Fenway! The final score: Red Sox - 10 / Phillie - 2

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Saturday Sky...

While reading Sandy's blog I found this! Now, I have to tell you I am joining! I think it is such a great idea and so very creative! So, each Saturday I will be posting a photo of my sky...and I sure hope there will be some really pretty blue ones...and even some neat gray ones... Thanks, Sandy, for such an interesting way to express some creativity....

So, what does your sky look like????

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Red Sox...Behind on Photos...

We are going to a Red Sox Game...can you believe it??? We were given tickets to the game tomorrow night - against, of all teams - the team from the city I was born in - Philly. Well, anyway, not that it makes any difference...I am a Red Sox fan! You can't live in New Hampshire and not be a Red Sox fan...damn, I think it is considered treason if you aren't.

But, I digress...this will be the first baseball game I have been to since I was in the 7th grade (we are not saying how damn many years ago that was!) and I used to go to McFarland Park and watch the ballgames. Some pretty interesting people came out of those ball in particular...Tony LaRussa.

I am taking some knitting (they do allow knitting - right! I mean it would be unAmerican not to allow knitting...)...after all there are only so many times a gal can watch guys grab themselves - so I will need my knitting.

Saturday we are hooking up with Dave! We are so looking forward to Saturday.

Well, I am way behind on posting photos...been pretty creative and have quite a few things finished that I need to post photos of...maybe on Monday...all the images are on the camera ... just have to upload them.

So, have a super week-end!

Added by Sara: I got to thinking that maybe - you know with all this 911 crap - that they might not allow knitting, I checked the info there other than the usual - umbrellas, etc. - so, I called. No answer in I left a message.

A very nice gentleman, Peter Nesbett (spelling ??) returned my call and left me a message. He stated that "Bringing my knitting would not be a problem and they certainly could accomodate that...he hopes that the game will be exciting enough that I won't need to concentrate on my knitting...but, if that is something I like to do there at the park, I am most welcome."

Pretty cool! Yea! Nice folks there! You gotta love the Red Sox team!!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Decisions...and Choices...

I have been all a fluster lately and totally undecisive about what I expect from my creative self! And, I have come to some major decisions and major choices in my creative world.

Part of all this soul-searching has come my from my thinking that I wanted to I have to admit Scarlett has been more than patient with me and I am sure if I said "this is what I want!" she would try and move heaven and earth to make sure I got what I wanted. But, I have been very undecisive. So, last Saturday we went looking at the process and what was actually involved in this "spinning" thing and I made some very serious discoveries.

1) Spinning wheels are cute...but they require some effort in making them go...and I am not one of those coordinated people - you know the kind "rub tummy in one direction, while rubbing head in other". I have tried various wheels from different friends and while they tell me "it will come with time", I find it frustrating at best.

2) There are far too many other gadgets that need to go with this wheel...and when I saw those "rip your hands apart" things they call carders...well, I began to have second thoughts.

3) The fleece comes from a sheep and what I currently own is "raw fleece" is has things in it...Now you must understand - this woman does not get her hands dirty...I resist all efforts and attempts to get my hands into soil (like in gardening). So you can imagine my feelings about fleece. The bottom line on that one is that I am an "admirer" of beauty around me...I do little to create that outside garden beauty.

4) What I really love is creating from the finished product - The WOOL...there are so many patterns I want to knit, yarns I want to use, and ideas about dying both yarn and fabric floating through my head that I feel that making the product with which to create is not a necessity. Do I want to make my own fabric??? NO! So, what was I thinking when I thought I needed to create the yarn that I knit with?

5) The knitting with yarn and the quilting with fabric and the embellishing of both of those are truly my passions - and I love creating within those arenas. I love beading and am finding new and different ways to embellish both well as making a little jewelry...and other beaded items.

So, after a long day out and about exploring the options of my learning to spin and looking deep within myself at what I truly enjoyed...I decided that spinning wasn't really something that would add to my creative pleasure...but rather would take time from the things that I truly enjoyed doing.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Recently while unpacking the craft room, I found a small overnight bag. I had not remembered that particular suitcase and curiously opened it. Ahhh…it belonged to Tara, my daughter, and in it were her Barbie dolls, all their clothes, and evidence! Yep, evidence right there for all to see - I used to knit! And, knit damn well, too!

There among the Barbie doll clothes were four (count them – four) hand knitted items that I had lovingly made for her at one time or another.

Two evening gowns, both done in the same pattern, one in bright red and the other in a pale turquoise. The needles must have been a size 01 or 02 because the stitches are very small…but, not nearly as small as the stitches in the light green street length dress. This yarn also had a sheen to it so that it seems to sparkle just a bit. This was done on a size 00 for sure!

Folded rather neatly was a much smaller version of an afghan I had knit for my bed – only this one was the right size for the Barbie doll bed.

Evidence…I created pretty things for my child. And, while I wasn’t the “perfect” mother, I was a mother who loved her child enough to want to create things for her. And, while there are times when I hear only the things that I “should” have done – and the memory can at times be “selective” - I know there is “evidence” out there that I made sure my child had and did what other children had and did…

Monday, June 12, 2006

Creativity...with a little help from my friends...

There is a lot to be said for on-line friends...and their willingness to see you attain your goals...and to encourage creativity.

My friend, Dave, who is one of the most talented people I know...a quilter, knitter, yarn dyer, and spinner among other things...recently gifted me with two beautiful hanks of his hand dyed yarn...experimental yarn...he called it...I call it gorgeous! And, it gives me a chance to work with a lighter weight yarn than I have been using and create some wonderful socks for myself out of the blue and maybe a hat or mittens out of the other. I am patiently finishing up a couple of other projects then I will begin working with this wonderful yarn.

Sandie, who lives in Australia creates the most beautiful items using ribbons, embroidery, and crazy quilting techniques. She has encouraged me more than once to try my hand at some of this type of work. When I mentioned that I was looking for some different red-work patterns and also some nudes to frame for my bathroom walls, she sent me a CD chock full of wonderful images. Of course, we shared a laugh when I told her Australian customs had opened the package - bet they had a fun time when they saw a cd labeled "Nudes for Sara"... Lucky for us those Australians are a lot more broadminded...

Pat is so creative! We met on line when we both did some postcards for Fiberart For A Cause whose proceeds go to The American Cancer Society. She was working with some threads and yarns that add glitter and glam to the postcards. She mentioned that these threads could be ironed on...I had never heard or seen such treads and when I asked about where to find them she linked me up to the website and sent me a few that she no longer needed so that I could play with them. And, they have proven to be very interesting and fun!

Another postcard person, Lynn, decided to share fabrics she no longer needed with other postcard artists...or in my case, wanna-be artists...and I was amazed to see beautiful fabrics that I had never worked with arrive in my mailbox. I had always used "100% cotton" for all my I didn't have any silks, satins, brocades, or other fancy type fabrics that are now acceptable in making fabric postcards...and crazy quilting.

Other friends, way too numerous to mention by name - but, they know who they are, have shared techniques and offered suggestions
on how to do certain things. Others have directed me to websites that have taught me new concepts...others have issued challenges or some type of an "along" and hooked me so that I might learn something new or gain confidence in a technique or skill.

I only hope that by some remote chance I have encouraged someone else to try something different or to see something in a different light...after all...what are friends for!

Summer Reading - Book 2

Title: Yarn Harlot: the secret life of a knitter
Author: Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Number of Pages: 219

Stephanie's book was at times hysterically funny and at other times very tender and emotional. Part of what makes this book so good is that if you are a knitter - you will see yourself on lots of pages and you will be able to identify quite frequently! I especially enjoyed the section on finding the tape measure. I could have bet money that she has been at my house when I have lost my tape measure. The final chapter about losing a needle and finding it was so funny. I, too, have been there and been given "that look". I was touched by the story of the one little sock. I think that was the most heartwrenching story she has written. All in all, this book was fun to read...and it came at a time when I needed a good laugh.

Next book up: Dad by Choice by Marie Ferrarella (Silhouette Romance)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bitchin' Mittens...

My friend Dave has come up with a fun and creative way to spend the summer! Creating a pair of Bitchin' really need to go and check this out...

I am will be a fun way to give my creativity a kick in the you-know-where! I already have a just to get it, fun, fun!

Friday, June 09, 2006

KatwithaK's Summer Reading Program...

KatwithaK is starting a Summer Reading Program for Adults - guess I qualify! And, I am happy to say that I have joined that one also! So, this will be fun!

Am so enjoying spending time with my books again...They are like old friends.

Book 1: The DaVinci Code - Special Illustrated Edition
Author: Dan Brown
Number of Pages: 454

Since I posted my review about this book already - the only other thing I have to say is: I was glad to see the beautiful colored photos of all the things, paintings, and buildings that were in the book. That was the one real pleasure.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Summer Reading Challenge 2006...

Between June 1 and today, I have finished The DaVinci Code. If I was supposed to be impressed - I wasn't. For starters it was the slowest starting book I've ever read! He could have cut out about 100 pages and still got the story down!

As far as all the hoopla about the premise of the story - it wasn't anything I haven't already thought about and probably, it wasn't any big deal.

My next book to read is: Yarn Harlot : The Secret Life of a Knitter by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I read her second book, At Knit's End : Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much a while back and thought I would like to read her other books.

Project Spectrum - June and weather...

The color for Project Spectrum for June is BLUE. How fun is that! Right now I would love to see BLUE skies...instead of this damn dreary gray...with more rain. Our weatherman lies! Last night he said we weren't going to have any more rain until's Monday! And, the skies are just ready to explode with rain! Oh, well...can't have it all.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Seems I am sensible...

Kat had this lovely little quiz linked to her blog...and I just had to try it...and damn, it seems I am sensible...oh, well...

Which of Henry VIII's wives are you?
this quiz was made by Lori Fury

Friday, June 02, 2006

Four Things Meme

My friend, Jen tagged me to do the Four Things Meme ... and I am actually excited since no one has ever tagged me, let's see what you can learn about me...

4 jobs dans ma vie (4 jobs I’ve held):
Administrative Assistant/Secretary (all of my jobs after college)
Bartender (worked my way through college!)
Sales Clerk (during high school years)
Grocery Store Checker (during high school)

4 films que je ne me lasse pas de regarder (4 movies I never get tired of watching):
The American President
Practical Magic (Midnight Margaritas - scene where I learned to appreciate Nicole Kidman)
Longtime Companion
Love! Valour! Compassion!

4 endroits où j’ai habité (4 places I’ve lived):
Aquadilla, Puerto Rico (as a child - twice)
Tampa, Florida (give or take the 2-3 years in Puerto Rico and the six months in Philadelphia where I was born - 52 years)
Jonesborough, Tennessee (6 years)
Claremont, New Hampshire (currently)

4 programmes tv que j’aime (4 TV shows I like):
The Amazing Race
Miami Vice (with Don Johnson)
Grey's Anatomy
Big Love

4 endroits où j’ai passé mes vacances (4 places I’ve vacationed):
Nashville, Tennessee
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Phoenix, Arizona
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

4 sites web que je visite souvent (4 websites I visit often):
Quebec (Tourism)

4 façons de me régaler (4 special treats for me):
Sauerkraut and Pork with mashed potatoes (like my Nana used to make)
bacon and eggs with hash brown potatoes
butter pecan ice cream or banana split
Bathing with luxurious or handmade soaps

4 endroits où je préfererais être en ce moment (4 places I’d rather be right now):
Phoenix, AZ (seeing my daughter's new house)
Boston (walking in the Public Gardens)
At a quilt retreat
At any spa relaxing and getting a massage and facial

4 blogueuses à qui je transmets ce questionnaire: (4 bloggerettes I’m tagging with this meme):

Being new at this - I have no idea who would like to do this - so, if you are so inclined - please feel free to do this meme....